Banish These Networking Myths

MYTH:  Networking is an event where you give business cards to strangers.

REALITY:  People with a positive networking identity see building relationships as a way of life. Although it often happens at events, networking can take place anywhere, anytime, in person or on line.

MYTH:  Networking is phony; you can’t be yourself.

REALITY:  Since networking is teaching and giving, there’s nothing phony about it!  Whether you call yourself an introvert or an extrovert, you can learn how to show your character and competence and risk reaching out to others.  Take a look at The 8 Networking Competencies that are posted on our website.

MYTH:  Networking is just for job seekers and sales professionals.

REALITY:   Not so!  Networking is a professional competency needed by almost everybody, at every level, in every job type.


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